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Selected Products

Lockheed Martin offers the most diverse portfolio of launch solutions capable of addressing our commercial customer’s specific business needs.  Through our Atlas V and Athena family of launch vehicles, we offer the perfect launch solution for any payload class, to any orbit.  As the exclusive provider of commercial Atlas rockets, we provide the commercial industry access to one of the most reliable launch vehicles in the world.  In addition, our Athena series of vehicles draw from over 50 years of strategic missile technologies to provide complete mission flexibility specializing in ride shares or small satellite constellations.

We possess distinct strengths and provide specific value-added services that give our customers the utmost confidence in manifest assurance.

  • An industry-unique understanding of the entire satellite manufacturing process
  • Existing dedicated launch sites in both Alaska and Florida
  • In-depth tracking visibility
  • Regulatory, licensing, and legal experts
  • Export financing
  • Creative risk management solutions